Wednesday, August 09, 2006

# 173 MAD TALK

In this kind of heat my head is in a fug. I couldn’t have a lucid thought even if the fug were sucked out of my skull and replaced with the finest, purest crystal, minus the lead. But maybe it’s worth a try. And, on second thought, let’s include the lead. Lead might be good.

Isn’t it a hallucinatory poison that drives people mad? And a little madness can be entertaining. The mystery of madness is that historically the facts are there. It can, and often does, reveal truths that would be otherwise undiscovered. But the best thing about a little bit of madness is the way it can help us accept without sadness, without discouragement, without foreboding, the madness that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

I think I’ll eat a pencil, watch a bit of news and talk to you again in a few days. If I gobble up my pencil lead and because of it believe that globally things are not as dire as they seem, I will write some really uplifting humorous stuff. And oh, we will laugh.

We’ll sit together in the garden in the shade and I will LMAO, and you will LYAO too. It will be such fun to return to real foolishness and a devil-may-care attitude. Not caring what other people think.


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