Thursday, May 26, 2005


Ilona, a blogger who calls herself True Grit has challenged me to respond to her creative version of a Questionnaire (May 25th) with tri-fold memes. I’ve never done a questionnaire thing on my blog before or even offered a 10-point list about me so I decided I would join in on this one.

3 names I go by: Roberta, Momma-Eye (as in ‘Momma, I need a new dress’ ‘Momma, I need something to eat’ ‘Momma, I need a coffee’ ), and when Hub is talking to me – that old nick name he picked up from the Muppet Show years ago – Sweetums.

3 screen names I’ve had – n/a

3 physical things I like about me: I’m tall enough I don’t have to stand on chairs, I can be a blond if I want to, I never get head aches.

3 physical things I dislike about me: I’m too tall. Feet are too big. And I hate the progress of aging that has me taking hours to do stuff I used to do in five minutes.

3 parts of my heritage: Scottish, Canadian, and Rhubarb Wine

3 things I am wearing right now: Two socks and one housecoat. (I am so wearing other things but the questionnaire only required three!)

3 favorite bands; musicians: Don’t have favorites. I like all types of music, all kinds of music, so much music that I can’t afford to listen to the same artist or band more than once. Too much music; too little time.

3 favorite (nostalgic) songs: “Autumn Leaves”, “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”, and “How Great Thou Art”.

3 things I expect from a relationship: a sense of humor, honesty, and the performance of all chores relating to the care and maintenance of anything with movable parts (that includes me).

3 things in the opposite sex that appeal to me: emotional intelligence, an absolute understanding of all things with movable parts, a sense of humor

3 hobbies: reading, writing, playing Scrabble

3 things I want to do really badly: get a face lift. If no face lift then a cozy cabin overlooking an awesome view on the shores of an isolated beach where I can write introspectively without any disruption.
If a face lift – then participation in 20 more class reunions and 35 homecomings. How vain is that?

3 things that scare me: getting lost in large buildings, water, fire.

3 everyday essentials: coffee, pen and paper, a chuckle.

3 careers considered or that I am considering: Teaching (I still pine over the fact that this was not an option when I finished highschool), Talk Show host (either preceding or immediately following Dr. Phil), authoring children’s books.

3 vacation spots:
The previously mentioned cozy cabin on a beautiful lake,
A holiday trailer on the old homestead where I was born (I could write some incredible stuff if I parked myself there for two months),
A couple of weeks in Buckingham palace with my dog. My dog isn’t a Corgy, but D.O.G. (pronounced Dee-Oh-Gee quickly with a drunken-sounding slur – I’m not sure an English Queen could manage his name without first getting quite inebriated) loves other puppies. Even blue-blooded Corgies and even if the Queen can’t say his name right, I know my basset hound will love her irregardless! My good time would be the fun in watching D.O.G. having an exceptionally good time.

3 kids names I like: Little Dolly, Wee Babe, Little Big Man. That's because I can't remember names but I can remember faces.

3 things I want to do before I die:
Make two more patchwork quilts.
Publish at least one book, maybe the one that is finished but currently collecting dust on a shelf in my computer room.
Clean my basement (it just wouldn’t be fair for anyone else to have to sort my collection of fabrics, patterns, yarn, and thread).

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: Zip – none

3 ways I am stereotypically a chick: I love shoes, fabrics and lace.

3 celeb crushes: This is a bit of an unfair question as it certainly dates me but for all time it will always be a much younger Paul Newman, a young Paul Newman, and that handsome rebel played by Paul Newman in his best movie - “Hud”.


Anonymous ilona said...

Great fun! So glad you did this meme, and introduced a bit more yourself:)

...nothing stereotypically boy?
and you need to blog on the Rhubarb wine sometime if you haven't yet... I didn't even know they could make wine out of rhubarb.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

I got a bang out of it as well, Ilona. Nothing stereotypically boy that strikes me although I used to be a ball player and a mean pitcher.

Rhubarb wine -- the best. It makes a lovely rose-colored wine. Hub makes it. Doesn't use a recipe so I don't think he even knows what proportion of ingredients. He just sniffs and observes. He teases me that some is 'fortified'; some is not. I've never had it calibrated but I swear the fortified stuff is about 40%. I know if I have more than two glasses during a meal I start to feel like I'm slipping under the table.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous ilona said...

:) Husbands and wine...yesss.

a mean pitcher- there you go, how many girls are good pitchers? stereotypically a guy thing. I always liked basketball, but I think I am more "girly" with age. I actually like skirts in the summer now....

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Dick said...

It's memes-a-gogo at present around the blogs I read. Thanks for this one, Roberta. An interesting & informative profile.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

Love the "Mama-Eye" title. :) I'm sure that all mothers can relate to some variation of it!! I can remember being so anxious for my wee babe to say the magical "Mom" for the first time, and it was the biggest thrill on earth when it happened. Now, after 18 years, the novelty has worn off in a big way! Funny how that happens. :)

9:30 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Hi Dick. I was so sure I told nothing and you call this informative. Maybe I said too much.

Eleanor, pleased to see you. Enjoyed reading your comments. Yeh, I have to agree, by the time they're striving to try their own wings, the novelty of it all does start to wear a bit thin.

9:35 PM  

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