Monday, August 29, 2005


These days the news is better. Better because finally the real truth of the matter is being revealed to the public. Unearthed little by little. We are finally being told what kind of secret documents and false information led to the disaster of war. There were no weapons of mass destruction cached in Iraq. There were no uranium deals. There were no direct terrorist connections. Suspicions were embroidered into fact.

And so now, with this truth finally bubbling to the surface, my spirit of optimism starts to return. I feel better when I watch the news and find that what so many of us have suspected for so long is really the truth of the matter. But that is small comfort because better news is not what life is really about. Life is about real people.

And even sadder than innocent people being killed by bombs or weapons or bullets of a pre-emptive war, is the business of innocent people being killed by lies. No death is more obscene, no death more needless, no death more tragic.


Anonymous Mr. Bee said...

It is not my goal to debate or argue but I would pose a question to you. Is it seen as TRUTH because it is what you wanted to hear? If it is PROVEN to be TRUTH I will not feel vindicated in the least, even if I suspected such was the truth in the beginning.

The fact is, Saddam NEEDED to be removed and the Iraqi people NEEDED someone to deliver them from his hand. Now that is TRUTH.

Just as I believe Cindy Sheehan is being used by the media and others with an our President was USED by those he looked to for advice. The question is...WHEN did he learn that there actually was no WMD or nuclear weapons being developed, if such was the case?

We know from our past (Nixon) that even men is our land's highest office are not immune to wrong it with their full knowledge or not. Just because a child is born into my marriage, that doesn't mean it truly is my child. Only a DNA test can reveal the truth. I may be ignorant of the facts and claim it as my own and treat it accordingly but the truth is...if the truth were known going in and I still claimed it as my own...then I am RESPONSIBLE for it's support and maintenace because I more or less have adopted it. Ignorance does not imply guilt or responsibility. I's much like a parable...isn't it? we pronouce judgment upon George now or wait for the outcome of the DNA test?

5:24 AM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Well said, Roberta. The world was lied to and that's the bottom line here. Yes, Saddam was evil, but there are ways and means. Is the chaos that is now Iraq really the wonderful outcome that anyone had in mind? I sincerely hope not.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

mr. bee, Thanks for stopping by. In response to your comment,I would love to believe that things can be seen as truth because that is what I wanted to hear. Believe me I wanted to hear that the victims of Katrina were rescued with all speed and efficiency but it did not happen.

And dear Eleanor, how pleased I am that you stopped by at this post and also my previous one. Thank you for acknowledging my comments on Viscount's life and for adding to this discussion as well.

1:36 PM  
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Blogger Roberta said...

Hi abigail, pleased you stop by. I did preview your site -- lots of info there. If you plan to read all my stuff, you will be busy for a while. But I couldn't be more pleased to hear that you are having fun reading it.

1:29 PM  
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