Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Like so many others across the globe, I question the badly flawed tactical approach to the monumental task of saving lives in the Gulf region. But I cannot criticize. There are too many facts I do not know. And the massive destruction is beyond my comprehension.

But I can criticize the emotional support, or lack thereof. And my one observation is this. If I were in twelve feet of water, hanging on to a roof with desperation, fighting to survive, and I heard that initial speech from the Guardian of my safety about "working hard", and "rebuilding", I would feel nothing more than a greater sense of isolation and hopelessness. ‘Don’t talk to me about working hard. Don’t talk to me about rebuilding. Get me out of here first!’

Re-building, re-construction of a thing requires all of its basic components. In order to be and do what it was meant to be and do, it must have all the basic parts. And in the Gulf Region the basic component of the area was the special heart, pulse, and character of the people living there. Without them, only a sad and empty representation can be rebuilt that has no more meaning to anyone than a smudge on a page. Even with my limited comprehension, I fully understand that buildings can be reconstructed, but lives cannot be restored.


Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

You've put your finger quite precisely and well on exactly what is wrong with the unfeeling platitudes our politicians are spouting.

And thank you for my Comment on my blog. Most appreciated.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anne said...

How true. And it would have been lovely if one of those ever-present news reporters would put down their microphones or notepads and just plain help.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Hi ronni, nice to see you.

anne, Yes, you are right. But there is one reporter on CNN who is my idol. Others have their opinions that they always go back to and they are writing and peddling their books on Broken Borders and the failures of the Justice system. But this one is less full of his own perspectives and always out there digging in, doing stuff, risking his own safety. He's been with the Katrina victims all week and is still out there. I adore Anderson Cooper. He is brave and down to earth and forthright. (At least that is my assessment from where I sit).

11:03 AM  

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