Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hub went out on a job yesterday afternoon. And what was he doing? He was out in some distant neck of the woods trying to make snow. No kidding, that’s what he was doing.

I was amazed that he was contracted for such an occupation. I couldn’t help thinking that in this part of the country, ‘making snow’ is about as ridiculous as crocheting socks for table-legs or toques for hard-boiled eggs. But regardless of the specific purpose, someone needed snow so Hub was making snow.

Now I don’t have any idea what a snow-making machine looks like or even how it works. But Hub, who was working long into the night, called around midnight with a progress report. He told me that because of the mild temperatures the snow-making machine was making more slush then snow, and because of the winds, the bit of water that was successfully converting into snow was blowing away.

Then very early this morning, I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon frying. When I went to the kitchen, there was Hub at the table eating breakfast. And looking out the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yesterday the ground was bare. This morning the ground was covered with snow. The trees were covered with snow. The vehicles in the yard were covered with snow. Everything everywhere was covered with snow. It was all so unbelievable.

“My goodness,” I said, with a laugh, “you certainly made a lot of snow last night! Did you use the machine or did you talk to the big guy?”

“I made that snow with the snow machine,” he said with a grin of obvious self-satisfaction. “I talked to the big guy as well. Asked him if he wanted us to make snow through creationism or intelligent design. He voted for intelligent design and I’m assuming that meant generated by the snow-making machine. So that’s what we did.”


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