Thursday, January 12, 2006


Now let me first say that I am not a hard-baked Liberal or Conservative. Over the years I have voted both ways though of course not at the same time. And that brings me to today’s thoughts.

Canadians are in the midst of an election. Listening and analyzing each political platform. And what I’ve noticed is that the media commentators rutted in a Liberal mindset are vigorously shaking their heads and saying that Canada can definitely not afford the changes promised by the Conservatives. They don’t harp so much on the changes being bad – they more often justify opposition by saying they are too costly. Out of reach. They say we will be so broke. So in debt.

But without any particularly polished political intelligence, it seems to me that if we can find government leadership that leans less heavily on “We’ve Done NO Wrong” policies’ for secret kick-backs, missing money, fraudulent expenses, and illicit squandering, Canada would have a hefty increase in available money. Enough money to support any change of venue, be it Conservative or NDP or The Bloc or the Green Party.

Now I so often watch talk shows and wonder why the obvious question isn’t asked. What does this grand feat of a balanced budget mean? Is it possible for a fraudulently-run business to soundly-balance its books?

I suppose if one is liberal-minded enough, it’s possible.


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