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To start with, right now there is an Enquiry being conducted into the death of a Senior who was dipped in a boiling-hot bath at a nursing home and who died within a few days because of such severe burns. And I shake my head in disbelief when the Enquiry notes that this was due to inadequate training for the staff.

Training or not, who, amongst us, gets into a bath without a finger or toe test? Who, amongst us, puts a child, puppy, or even a head of lettuce, stick of celery, or a delicate sweater in a tub without first checking the water temp? This is not a training issue. This is a common sense issue. *giving head a shake, shake, shake*

And then there is the release of the long-awaited paper from the Vatican dealing with homosexuality in the priesthood. The key-phrase in this document is the suggestion that ‘those with deep-seated homosexuality tendencies’ are not suitable for the priesthood.

So then I have to ask, ‘Can sexual preference be identified when one is celibate?’

*shaking my head, shake, shake*.


And then there is the federal election thing. The talk shows recycle all the reasons a corrupt Liberal government is likely to continue – voter apathy, Eastern Canada voting monopoly, reasonably strong economy, the gay-marriage issue being resurrected, etc. etc.

But that is not what I see happening here. I blame the confusion caused by U.S. political influence and the world of Academia. Academia has cloned us, and we have freely allowed them to do so, into believing that they are in the know. But these so-called free-thinkers are themselves rutted in unbend-able thinking. They are rutted in a rigid belief that freedom of spirit and thought and toleration of social and moral differences will crash and burn if we do not vote for a free-thinking political party. That a booming economy, improved infra-structure, education, and the building of great nations are directly linked to tolerances that have no relationship whatsoever to a country’s overall wealth and health. But we sway to their persuasion.

And the U.S. influence has insidiously made us think that Republican philosophy equals Conservative philosophy and Democrat philosophy equals Liberal philosophy when they are as dissimilar as night and day. So many of us, rather than evaluating honestly the disappointing past performances of Martin (and Cretien’s) leadership, are basing our votes on drawing parallels where there are none. Through falsely equating Conservatism and Republicanism. Through a choking fear that has taken hold through observations of the mountainous pile of distrust building in the States toward their Republican Strongman.

So, sadly, in our gullibility, we are going to continue to have a Liberal government forever that will continue to lie and steal from us this time round, and the next time round, and the next.

*shaking head, shake, shake*


Blogger Eleanor said...

Have to totally agree with your first two points, but respectfully disagree with parts of the third. Of course you're right about some Canadians equating the Conservatives with the Republicans south of the border. But some of us find Mr. Harper and crew repulsive in their own right. Not that the Liberals are much more appealing at this point, mind you. Definitely some valid points made there!

By the way, I have been reading all of your posts, so don't think that I've deserted you. Rude to not comment, I know, but often I just have time to read when I get here. So, just remember that I'm always lurking, even if I don't make my presence known!

12:11 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Greetings, Eleanor. Thanks for letting me know you're out and about. And as to whether you agree or disagree, like Clinton says, if you put two 'clever minds' (that would be you and me) in the same room they are going to disagree. Without debate, there can't be discussion, so I appreciate you letting me know your own line of thinking.

But admittedly, in the end, I totally agree with your conclusion that we don't have great options when it comes to picking a new P.M. I'm just thinking change is as good as a rest while others are thinking that when it gets this bad, it might as well stay the same, because from this point on, it can only get better.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I'm a bit sensitive on the issue of "US bashing" right now. You didn't bash us, but as I read I sensed a "We (the USA) are to blame" issue. On second thought....maybe I'm wrong.

I'm having one of those know, the kind where you are thinking fuzzy because of a wretched cold...

What I really wanted to say to you, is that politics in the US are changing. If you looked at the race between Bush and Gore, you might have seen that they looked like cloned copies. Personally, I felt you could have flipped a coin and made your choice that way because the conservatives and liberals were so far to the center as to be almost identical in their stands.

Of course, there will always be differences. Abortion and war are two that come to mind, but for the most part, our politics are becoming more and more homogenized.

So, I wonder if it's valid to blame Canadian problems on the US (again...)?

I agree with you and Eleanor about the conspicuous stupidity of the first two entries!


9:47 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Buffy, thanks for the comment. As far as the confusion about Republican's vs Canada Conservatives, I did not mean to infer that that is a problem created in any way by the U.S. That is a problem created by a lack of comprehension by Canadians of how within different countries, political platforms may be radically different although loosely labeled with common terms such as liberal and conservative.
As to my further comment about "distrust building in the States", I have surmised this based on media reports of the current situation.

That being said, I am well pleased that you shared with me your own thoughts on the issue.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much to my disgust, I am not politically aware on an international basis. Or, at best I am minimally aware. There are days I congratulate myself for recognizing people active in my own country. There are bloggers from other countries who find this aspect of Americans particularly disgusting. Our only excuse, and it's really not acceptable, is that we come from a country so large that the effort required to change anything seems overwhelming.

Having said that, I recognize that you come from a large country, too, and are politically aware, so my problem is clearly that I don't want to devote the time necessary to understanding politics.

Mea culpa. Maxima mea culpa.

I get your point that Canadian "Conservatives" may have a totally different platform than US "Conservatives," and that it pays to be aware of those differences if you plan to vote conservative.


10:52 PM  

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