Thursday, August 17, 2006

# 176 PANDORA'S BOX (Intro)


We like to think that with our sophisticated language we can wrap any emotion, any reaction, any response, anticipated, or unanticipated, in words that will aptly describe that feeling. But that is so not true. I have been violated, and although I may try, and with all the Blogs I have written, I’ve had plenty of practice, I still don’t think words can carve for you exactly how I feel.

Even without the sexual connotation that we normally give it, ‘violation’ impacts on one’s soul in an unforgettable way. It is harsh. And, surprisingly, despite its harshness, I know of no simple proverb or parable that adequately describe how much it is like a sandpaper rub that continues day after day. But there is a legendary story that provides some sense of it. The story of Pandora’s Box.

As a child, and even yet, I find “Pandora’s Box” a fascinating story. The story of the sweetness of a little girl and her fascination with an artfully decorated and beautifully carved treasure box. It was a perfect world, made up of only wonder and sweet expectation, before her curiosity got the best of her.

Now when I first read that story, where was the suspense? I already knew – it was obvious, that when Pandora opened that box it would hold even more stunning beauty and wonder than it did when viewed from the outside. But I was so wrong. Just one tiny peek and Pandora was surrounded with a swarm of nastiness. Such nastiness that not only was Pandora’s world violated, but in the reading of it, I felt violated as well.

But all this is only reflection, to set the stage, for my next story. Pandora’s box has only subtle similarities to the horrors of the ‘violators’ that this week descended on me.

Keep reading. Following post – The nasties revealed.


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