Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Canadians have long held that reputation that they never get really mad about anything. And if they do they just write someone a delicately worded letter of protest and never follow up on it. But, like Hub keeps saying, "Eventually, with all this stupidity, people will revolt." And I guess he’s right. I saw, or rather heard, the first signs of it yesterday. I am encouraged to know that finally, at long last, when a Canadian has had enough, he’s had enough, and he will stand up and be counted!

I laugh, I chuckle, and I commend that Canadian who stood up and finally said, "Enough, is enough." This brave Canadian was a caller that contacted the weather office of the local media and left a message for the meteorologists. I looked on the internet for his exact quote but was unable to find it. His voice was angry, very angry. Just about the angriest voice I have ever heard.

His complaint? He’s bloody sick of this f---ing snow. He’s had more than enough of it. He can’t get a damn thing done. He wants no more of it. It has to stop. All he does is shovel snow and everytime he looks out his window there is more f---ing snow.

So just to let you know. If you think Canadians are continuing to be apathetic, they are not. When enough is enough we will complain as loud and violently as any American. We are done with apathy, with letter-writing. No one can push us around anymore!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you stopped being "apathetic" with writing! Now if I can only do the same with reading. :) Glad I've found your new place. Pretty it is, too!

Aurora/A Wicked Muse

2:34 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Hi Aurora. Welcome to my new abode - glad you like the new look. I'm as happy to be found as you are to have found me.

2:23 AM  

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