Thursday, April 07, 2005


You’ll not find anyone more conservative than Son-In-Law (SIL). But despite that, when 2005 Calendars started coming into the house last December, he jokingly insisted he needed a girly calendar. Having a girly calender in the shop is a family tradition he told Eldest Daughter. But since I don’t have a shop I want one in the house.

ED was dismayed, a little discomfited, a little confused that he would think such a thing was appropriate. And teen-age Granddaughter (GD) was equally appalled. Both insisted that it might be tolerated as long as the feminine-subject was tastefully and fully dressed. But SIL said, "A girly calendar pic needs to have a well-endowed woman with curves that are not completely covered – Don’t you bunch know that?"

So GD came to the rescue. She said, "I will make you a girly calendar and post it in the kitchen." And she did. To fully appreciate GD’s effort, I think you will need to make yourself a girly calendar picture so here are the instructions.

1. Get your materials ready.
2. You will need a pen, a square of paper, and a bit of tape or a pin to hang your completed craft in a prominent place.
3. Now write on that paper a number 3.
4. Turn the paper one turn to the right.
5. Now pin it to the wall. There you go. Project complete.

SIL’s politically-correct and tasteful girly calendar is posted at eye-level above the kitchen table. It has been there since January, and I still find that no matter how glum I feel when I go into ED’s kitchen, that calendar catches my eye and I end up chuckling out loud. It works like magic to turn glum days into better days. But then, isn’t that what girly calendars were originally meant to do?


Anonymous chasmyn said...

I love your creative family.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Hi Chasmyn. Thanks for stopping in to join today's wee bit of fun. Admittedly sometimes we're a silly lot, but it's good for the soul to find a moment of light-heartedness even if it is plain silliness.

11:50 PM  

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