Friday, February 10, 2006


I am quite aware that what I post more often sounds like a sermon than a friendly letter or journal entry. But try as I might I can’t avoid it. I guess when you get to be my age it goes with the territory. The Voice of Experience even speaks deviously through imaginative tales that I tell though I write with a solemn wish and will to subdue it. But today is different.

Today I have something to tell you from the ‘Voice of Experience', but not my voice. The voice of a 4-year-old that I was sitting one day.

This is what he told me. “Roberta,” he said, “my Step-Dad plays the music so loud in the car, it makes my stomach hurt right here,” and while saying this he pressed his hand on his waist.

Now I can’t elaborate on this as it was his experience, not mine. But I thought it was something that other parents should know. Something coming from the ‘Voice of Experience’.

This post was inspired by another small voice with sage words of wisdom at Random Pensees blog (February 7, 2006).


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