Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Why do we kiss with our eyes shut? Because it’s just better that way. Allows us to saturate our souls with the moment, with that special touch without visual distractions that would damage a part of it. Wouldn’t you say?

Now hold that thought while I switch to quite another discussion seemingly totally unrelated. A discussion of “American Idol” performers last night. Last night was ‘Stevie Wonder Night’ and something happened that wasn’t good.

Now I’m no music critic but I do know that Wonder’s music is phenomenal stuff. Music that is expressive, spell-binding, catchy, bouncy, with unexpected ballad accents, and an abundance of soul. But I’m inclined to think the level of extraordinary talent and power Wonder gives to his music stems from more than his creative genius. It also stems from his blindness. His music was created in a tight space, in a kind of solitary confinement, without sight, without taste, with only hearing sharply honed to pitch and rhythm. It is music performed with a clarity and conviction that people with sight can’t hope to realize.

So, to my mind, it was unfair to expect American Idol contestants to sing Wonder songs while literally drowning in the visual sludge of cameras, lights, and people?
I think that’s why last night’s performances were so dismal.

If you think this is a bunch of nonsense I have to ask. Have you ever listened to music with your eyes shut? Really listened. If you have, you know about the extra dimensions of sound that you will hear. And while we’re on this topic, if you have never kissed anyone with your eyes shut, you better try that as well.

P.S. There are some that can describe the listening-in-the-dark music dimension I am referring to far more aptly than I. And here is one of them. Give this a quick read. I promise you will truly enjoy it.


Anonymous Wandering Willow said...

Great post! I agree about Stevie Wonder. I think it was Ray Charles who gave James Taylor the compliment of saying that he "sings like a blind man". It's true! And I also like kissing with my eyes closed. I'd be very happy to combine the experiences, actually, and kiss James Taylor with my eyes closed!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

wandering willow, enjoyed those comments. I thought anyone who had two feet on the ground would think I was talking sheer nonsense. But there are some of us that understand how great it shut our eyes and turn on the music. As for the kissing part, I won't wait for a kiss from J.T. and maybe you shouldn't either. :D

1:00 AM  
Blogger Me said...

Just so you know, my dad and I used to listen to the "Chariots of Fire" record on Sunday afternoons, our eyes closed, trying to hear every symbol and instrument. It's a wonderful memory.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

me, that 'sounds' awesome! Thanks for the comment.

10:01 AM  

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