Thursday, February 23, 2006


Maybe I’m a bit slow but I just don’t understand the exchange involved in the sale of American ports. Despite all the banter, and endless news coverage, I still want to know what the sale sells. That would clear up the matter real quick.

If a port is a location for docking of ships, but when that changes hands, and nothing, positively nothing else changes with respect to this new ownership (i.e. it will not be run by the new owners, maintained by them, staffed by them, shipments qualified or quantified by them), then why would someone want to purchase it? For what rational purpose?

I don’t understand it at all but I have a threshold at my front door to sell. No you can’t take it to your house. It will remain here and I will decide who goes in and out over that threshold but it’s one hell of a good threshold. In fact my house has two exterior thresholds. Do you want to buy two?

I always thought a 'scam deal' was when something is bought in good faith without a follow-up possession date. Perhaps that is not a good way to identify a 'scam'.


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