Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Did you see it? Did ya’? The guy on the news in a stolen vehicle being chased slowly down the street by the police? He let go of the steering wheel, climbed out the window, and stood on the window ledge, and with the car still moving, he balanced himself there while he dropped his pants and m‘OO’ned the police car following him. It was all caught on video tape and it was hilarious.

Driverless, the vehicle he was in continued on but before he could adjust the drift of his vehicle it rammed into another at the curb. With the police right behind he ended up trapped. Unable to continue his get-away.

This was an original ‘action shot’ that is likely to be featured in an upcoming action-movie in the near future. It so surpasses the car races and crashes that we have seen over and over and over.

It’s well known that Schwartzenegger (sp?) prefers doing his own stunts. He feels he has the brain, physique, brawn, and muscle to do stunts as well as any stuntman. But if he were featured in this scenario, I’m purty sure he would be looking for a stunt man even though he is proud enough of his physique that it’s unlikely he would be embarrassed to flash his buns. But balancing on a window ledge of a moving car while stripping is a pretty phenomenal feat that requires a great deal of bravery and an equal portion of stupidity. I guess it requires an uncanny sense of humor as well.

And did you hear about the 62-year old Grandmother who just gave birth to a new baby? At first I was horrified.

Then I was envious. Big time envious. Thinking how warm and wonderful a beautiful new baby would be wrapped in a soft little blanket in the crook of my arm. A glowing little face with bright eyes and silken lashes. Making contented little murmurs while nursing and massaging with tiny fingers the warmth of a breast. So totally lovable when yawning, stretching, and smiling sweetly those funny little grins of flatulence that new babes are famous for. With the special sweet smell of new-baby skin and hair. A new soul. A new little miracle.

I love little tiny people. I love holding them, rocking them, cuddling them and wrapping them tightly in warm soft blankets while they slumber so sweetly. Babies are a totally wondrous thing. And yes, I am envious. If she can have one, I should have one as well.

But then I started thinking about toddler years, school years and adolescent years. Oh my goodness. But this new Mom is as optimistic and upbeat as any mother and for that I have the greatest respect. As for me, I’m suddenly not envious anymore. Too tired to think about it. But of course it has nothing to do with any recall of past worries, tasks and toils of Motherhood – it’s just that I see by my watch that I’m already 45 minutes late for my afternoon nap.


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