Wednesday, March 22, 2006

# 130 WHO’S WHO

Today, I’m writing a condensed version of ‘Who’s Who?’ in my corner of the blogging world.

This is a bit of a game because I am going to describe some blog friends. And what I want you to do is see if you know who’s who. And if that is too much like the bothersome caller that will not identify himself, that keeps saying “Guess Who?” until you no longer care, then maybe you prefer to read these quickly to see if you can identify yourself as one of the blog-friends I have listed. (Each profile has a wee hint to help you out).

1. A doctor of the body’s exterior that understands full well emotional health can have a direct effect on physical health. A real card, witty, and funny. In his life, friendships are meaningful. I say that because so often he writes of good times with friends. Despite his cheekiness, he has a serious side that looks at life with wise contemplation.

2. An admirable lady that can magically change ordinary thoughts to treasures like the weaving of straw into gold. Love the pictures that are sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes serious, but always so appropriate. Her blog is like a lovely scrapbook endeavor that ‘shrewdly’ melds pictures, words, and references to literary works with real life.

3. Give her a piece of yarn, tell her what you want, and she will knit it up in no time flat. Whether it be a tit snuggly or a thumb toque. I admire her for her contagious excitement about ‘what are we going to make next?” I just want to have coffee with her after we dance through all her knitting patterns and projects.

4. This lady is SO smart. Her quilts make me sick with envy. I think her name is so appropriate. It sounds like something soft and fluffy and that is her nature. She cares deeply about all feathered and fuzzy creatures – domestic or wild.

5. Here I find encouragement to continue writing despite the wilting of joints and imagination that accompanies the advancement of age and time. The theme of this blog makes it a special place I love to visit.

6. This blogger likes playing hockey. And in an uncanny way her self-reflections are too similar to my own.

7. So busy. But always she takes time to nod to passer-byes. Posting happens on a regular basis. And each one offers a straightforward and often humorous glimpse into her or the young ‘uns’ lives that address real life stuff – difficult or pleasing, but always an enjoyable read.

8. This writer sometimes apologizes for not being more creative. Thought-provoking facts and new scientific discoveries are sometimes posted here. I know, or think I know, that the writer is more imaginative then he/she lets on. Doesn’t alter the fact that this spot is always a great read.

9. One of my newest links that I am so excited about. This writer knows more than just a few things about life and life experiences. A youngster (or should I say ‘new born’) in the blogging world but he/she won’t allow that to get in his/her way.

Now I know that in doing this list, I have missed some of my dearest friends. Please forgive me for that. I value you as much as these other guys and gals. Unfortunately I have too many friends for this post to accommodate them all. But if the game catches on, I’ll get you next time.

The rest of you better zero in on your profile right now to voice sanction or objection. Because some time soon I will reveal who’s who. In the meantime, any guesses?


Blogger goldenlucyd said...

Oh Roberta!
I missed this. What fun!!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Lucy, you get first prize. Zeroed in on your profile real quick, didn't you? Egad, I'm so forgetful. I forgot to get any prizes. I guess all you get is BIG APPLAUSE!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Rich D said...

It's a good idea, roberta, and i'll be checking out some of your links soon... are we going to see answers at any point?

I don't think I see myself there... perhaps number 8 comes close to how I see myself (mild self-flattery there), but I'm a bit short on the "interesting scientific facts" category.

1:26 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Yes, Rich. Answers coming up. Just a few more days for anyone to hop into the fray and then I'll post a note to let you know answers are posted.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Well, goodness me. Thank you, Roberta. :)

I know who a couple of the others are, too, just off the top of my head. But it has been a long time since I clicked through your links and I'm obviously overdue for a refresher.

Lovely idea, and thanks again. :)

1:48 AM  
Blogger Roberta said...

Eleanor, you get applause as well for being so clever.

I'm surprised that readers are taking to this. I had an ethical problem with it initially - it seemed like I was discussing people behind their backs. And not only that, posting 'assumptions' that were not necessarily fact. I was sorely tempted to delete this post more than once. But since I've started blogging I have never deleted a post and want to preserve that record as long as possible. There seems to be something ethical about that as well.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

The one that seems to come closest to how I see myself is #8; if that's me, thanks very much.

Regarding the ethics of this: I wouldn't worry. You said clearly it's a game, which call for a sense of humor, a willingness to look absurd, and a good deal of forgiveness (not that you need forgiving). Play on!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

mike, you're a smart boy. That's you alright!

And I was much comforted by your comment on "Ethics". Something I will stash away in my mind for another episode of this game somewhere down the line.

10:10 AM  

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