Saturday, May 20, 2006


Memes explore the contents of various things. Could be desks, bathroom cabinets, or anyplace for that matter. So with today's Meme, we are going to explore the search phrases that bring visitors to my site.

The most popular one is “girly calendar”. Every other day I get a hit from someone searching for “a girly calendar”. That makes me chuckle. I expect the searchers are deviants of one kind or another looking for some high definition bare breasts or bottoms to ogle over. And although they’ll find none here, they won’t have to leave empty handed. Because that particular post provides implicit instructions on how to create with absolute ease and simplicity a “girly calendar”.

Anyway, for interest’s sake, these are some of the other searches listed in order of their popularity.

Girly Calendar
Sound of angels singing
Harley Boys
Penmanship research
Putting Pantyhose on Cabbage Plants
When your boss disciplines you
Two sheets to the Wind

So how about using this Meme as a way to divert a wee bit of blog traffic. I want you to tell me what your most popular searches are (without topics like George Bush, or the Iraq war, or the New Conservatism). Just simple everyday stuff that we can all relate to in some common way. And from that list, if your most popular search phrase is “cats and salamanders”, let’s all write something about that (without plagiarism, of course).

So if you wish to participate in this challenge, come join the discussion and let's get started.

For those wanting to take part, Assignment One is a creative, thoughtful post about “girly calendars”.


Anonymous Esther said...

One of the most fun things to do is to do a search on your own name. This search always comes up with a fantastic variety of responses of the people who share your name. When I meme my name, I have a jazz singer, a real estate agent, a news reporter, a new age faith healer....etc...I am none of those things, but it makes me wonder about the path I did take and what else I could be doing.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Great idea for a meme, though I'm too busy to participate at the moment. One of my popular searches was 'Pictures of naked men' though I think whoever was looking would have been very disappointed by my life drawings of elderly gentlemen.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

esther, it might be fun but I'm too chicken to do it. Don't want any cookies on my site that are that personal. I have enough imagination I can pretty much go on those kind of ventures without encouragement.

julie oakly, not sure if I should thank you for that comment or not. Problem is, I'm the one who issued this silly challenge so now I feel obliged to write something about pictures of naked men. I have some thoughts. Maybe I'll see what I can do. (I said, maybe???) ;D

12:24 AM  

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